Meet the Team Part 3

I have asked each of the counselors to put together a personal post. While everyone has resume information available on our website, I wanted each of them to allow a peek into why they chose this profession. Every member of the team is carefully chosen because of the heart they have for others, so I am hoping this will allow readers to appreciate each member of the team as much as I do.

Joanna's turn.

As I looked back over the course of my life, people have always opened up and talked to me. When I graduated from high school, I was a secretary and lived in Pennsylvania and rode the bus into downtown Pittsburgh every day. Complete strangers would sit next to me and by the time we got into town or home, I knew their complete history.

Eventually I joined the military and became an aircraft mechanic which lead me to attend college at LeTourneau University as an Aviation major. I was in the military and worked on aircraft, so this seemed to be a logical next step, right? During the Spring semester some things began to shift, and I did not do well in a core aviation class, so I prayed about what God had for me. When classes started the next fall, I declared Psychology as my major and noticed some things. Many girls came to me when they had problems, and solutions came naturally to me about how to help them. Friends who where suicidal came to me, and God gave me the wisdom how to handle it. We went to the school counselor together to get them the help they needed.

Little did I know the path the Lord would take a military aircraft mechanic with a passion to help hurting people down twenty-seven years ago. It has been one full of bumps, bruises, and small victories to lift others up. The Lord has been faithful to provide strength through it all.

Each day I go to work as a Licensed Professional Counselor I remember the calling the Lord gave me. I am thankful I get to work with so many wonderful clients and coworkers.

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