PSYCHOLOGY TEAM - Click HERE for more information

Sarah Kranz, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist, CEO

LeAnne McClure-Olver, LPA with Independent Practice

Analy Parra, LPA (under the Supervision of Dr. Sarah Kranz)

COUNSELING TEAM - Click HERE for more information

Debi Williams, LPC, RPT

Joanna Goodwin, LPC, LSSP

Brittney Teafatiller, LPC Associate (under Supervision of Deena Shelton, Ph.D., LPC-S)

Grace Henderson, LPC

Candy Scott, LPC-S, LSSP

Russ Montgomery, LPC-S

Locke Curfman, LPC

MarKay Hickerson, LCSW

Kelsie Goller, LPC, RPT

Corry Hawkins, LCSW

Cortney Barton, LPC 

Ashlyn Mayhall, LPC Associate (under Supervision of Jeffrey Quiett, Ph.D., LPC-S)

Corey Gibson, LPC

Justin Robinson, LPC

Lauren Bradley, LPC (currently on leave)


Paige VanMeter, QASP-S, Director of Clinical Operations (ABA Team)

Mallory Ford, Director of Operations (ABA Team)

Tatum VanMeter Fuller, ABAT (ABA Team)

Megan Ford (ABA Team)

Janeava P. Winters, ABAT (ABA Team)

Caleb Warren, ABAT (ABA Team)

Emily Gibson, ABAT (ABA Team)

Aaron McIntosh (ABA Team)

Chris Bannister (ABA Team)

MEDICAL TEAM - Click HERE for more information

Dorothy Miller, MD, Director of Medical Services

INTERN TEAM - Click HERE for more information

Linda, Director of Spanish Language Services, Master's Intern

Sasshey, Master's Intern

Franklin, Undergraduate Intern

Nguyen, Master's Intern

Hannah, Practicum Student

SUPPORT TEAM - Click HERE for more information


Mark Kranz, Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Whitney, Director of Operations

Hannah, Support Staff

Jennifer, Support Staff

Angela, Support Staff

Jenni, Support Staff

Naomi, Support Staff

Tara, Support Staff

Tracy, Support Staff

Sabrina, Support Staff

Elissa, Support Staff

Krystal, Support Staff

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