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PSYCHOLOGY TEAM - Click HERE for more information

Sarah Kranz, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist*, CAS 

     *Chief Executive Officer, Director of Internship Training

Analy Parra, LPA (with Independent Practice)

Emily Holloway, LPA (supervised by Sarah Kranz, Ph.D.)

Curtis Roscoe, LPA (supervised by Sarah Kranz, Ph.D.)

Nguyen Nguyen, LPA (supervised by Sarah Kranz, Ph.D.) 

COUNSELING TEAM - Click HERE for more information

Kelsie Goller, LPC-S, RPT, Clinical Director

Debi Williams, LPC, RPT

Joanna Goodwin, LPC-S, LSSP

Russ Montgomery, LPC-S

Locke Curfman, LPC

Ashlyn Mayhall Hays, LPC 

Alyssa Cummings, LPC 

Kacy Combest, LPC Associate (supervised by Keely Burks, LPC-S)

Tony Goss, LPC Associate (supervised by Darrell Smith, LPC-S)

Sara Smith, LPC Associate (supervised by Claire Mulford, LPC-S, LCDC)


Paige VanMeter, QASP-S, Director of Clinical Operations ABA Team

Mallory Ford, Director of Operations ABA Team

Janeava P. Winters, ABAT 

Caleb Warren, ABAT

Ariana Morgan

Kirstie Stewart

Reed Tompkins, ABAT

Julian Avery

Courtney Morrow

Kieran Rider

Christopher Bannister

Patrick Edwards

Tiana Sellers

Bridget Stoner

Anastasia Grimaldo

Hannah Coin

Ruby Stone, Clinic Caretaker

MEDICAL TEAM - Click HERE for more information

Dorothy Miller, MD, Director of Medical Services

LIFE COACH AND INTERN TEAM - Click HERE for more information

Sasshey Valdez, Life Coach & Psychometrician (Bilingual)

Kirsten, Counseling Intern

Lara Jane, Counseling Intern

Rachel, Counseling Intern 

Ethan, Psychometrician

Kaelyn, Master's Intern

Jacob, Master's Intern 

Shalet, Master's Intern 

Alex, Master's Intern 

Ayah, Master's Intern (summer 2023)

Liese, Master's Intern (summer 2023)

SUPPORT TEAM - Click HERE for more information


Whitney, Director of Operations

Angela, Support Staff

Jenni, Billing

Tara, Billing

Elissa, Insurance Verification, Training Director

Christie, HR Liaison, Scheduling 

Mark, Chief Financial Officer

Bobbye, Scheduling

Kari, First Impressions

Caleb, Support Staff

Natalie, Referrals

Emily, Support Staff

Elizabeth, Scheduling

Mariah, Insurance Verification

Estela, Scheduling

Ally, Undergraduate Intern

Abby, Undergraduate Intern

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