Parenting Styles and Outcomes for Children

In the last blog post, I covered the basics of each parenting style. Just to review: Permissive parents are warm and responsive to their children, but they place few demands on the child's behavior. Neglectful parents are neither responsive to or demanding of their children. Children are essentially left to raise themselves. Authoritarian parents place many demands on their children, but they are not very warm or responsive to them. A typical authoritarian parents answers, "Because I said so." Authoritative parents have both high expectations and are warm/responsive to their children. There is a great deal of research out there about each parenting style and how it impacts children. There ar

Parenting Styles

Parenting can have a significant impact on any number of outcomes for children. This post summarizes the four major parenting styles. Authoritarian parenting. Authoritarian parents are very demanding of their children but not very responsive to them. These parents use control, establish a strict set of rules, and do not generally provide a rationale for why those rules must be followed. Children are not allowed to question the authority of the parent and are often punished harshly for disobedience. Authoritarian parents’ interactions with their children are characterized by a lack of warmth and affection. Harsh punishment, a characteristic of authoritarian parenting, is common in collectivis

Childhood Adversity

So many of the kids we see have experienced the unimaginable. They come to our schools or live in our neighborhoods, but the only thing we notice is the behaviors that make them undesirable. We need to learn to ask "why" about behavior rather than "what." Take a look at this article on ways childhood adversity changes the brain:

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